Modem Trouble



I have been working on a HP Pavillion desktop and have hit a snag. Each
time a dial-up connection is initiated a few minutes pass and an error
dialog box appears stating that the modem's port is open or that the
modem needs to be turned off and then turned on again. The modem is on
the COM 2 port and the device logs even state that the modem connected.
This is an internal modem and as far as I know there is no way to "turn
it of and turn it back on" I have tried removing the modem from the
device manager and restarting the computer to allow windows to
reinstall the driver. All to no avail.


Any help would be greatly appreciated?




If you installed any software, uninstall it. Remove the modem from the pci
slot, boot the pc and make sure it is not in the device manager list. Shut
down pc, install the modem and boot the pc.

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