modem fax don't recognize incoming call




recently ive added an internal modem/fax 56k to my new computer(dual
the modem is a conexant class1 of dynamode.
i wanted to use it as a fax with winfax, but, imediatly i saw that it
does not recognize incoming call,
the winfax automatic receiving was on when i dialed the phone number
and nothing happened, but when i operated the manual receive it worked.
to check if its the winfax problem i used the hyper terminal to see if
it recognize the incoming calls. but it didn't.
can someone please help me, i couldnt find in the internet any solution
for this problem and its driving me nuts.
btw, the line is connected only to the modem and the adsl modem because
its an adsl line, but i use a filter, and i used the same line before
with a different modem and it worked just fine.


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