Automatic Answer of incoming faxes does not activate




I am using Windows XP SP2. My problem below persists despite using such
software as WinFax, Mighty Fax, and the faxing software that comes with
Windows XP.

I have an issue with incoming faxes not automatically answering in my faxing
software. I have all the settings configured to automatically answer after
the 1st ring. But when there is an income call, the modem simply does not
answer the call, it just simply lets the call keep ringing. If I press the
button to "answer now" it will come through, so I know that the modem is
capable of receiving a fax. I can also fax out of my computer just fine.

This issue is at my small office, which has about 10 workstations, which are
in a workgroup. I have tried this on several of the comptuers, each with
have differing modems and other hardware. The problem is consistent
throughout the office, where I can send faxes from any computer, but can only
receive faxes if I manually press the button while one is coming in. I must
have 5 or 6 different brands of computers and modems, at it behaves the same
on all of them.

As a test to me getting things set up properly, I have tried to receive
faxes at my home, which is set up identical to my office, and at home it
works just fine, I can send and receive both, no problem.

The telephone line at work is not connected to any phone system or box, it
is just a plain ole tone land line.

I called a telephone repairman today, and he will not be able to come for a
few days. But, he suggested that the signal coming in might not be strong
enough to trip the trigger for the automatic feature to answer. However,
when I have a plain ole fax machine hooked up to the same phone line, the fax
machine answers every call like it should.

So........possibly, there are higher requirements of a phone line to work
with a fax/modem than a regular fax machine?

I am at a loss here to understand this. Any thoughts?





Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

The symptoms definitely suggest a phone line issue. An RJ-11 phone jack has
4 wires; a telephone only uses two of them and isn't terribly particular
about which pair. Modems often are. What you might do is run down to your
local Radio Shack store and pick up a phone line tester:
Phone Line Tester

This will tell you very quickly (and inexpensively) if your phone jacks are
wired correctly.

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