missing system tray notification for automatic updates



I have an XPsp2 system configured to download updates but not automatically
install them. when I shut down the system I am given the option to install
the updates as part of the shutdown procedure, but I do not get the automatic
updates icon in the systray that I can use to see what updates are ready to
be installed.

-1- any ideas on how to fix this?

-2- any other way to see what updates are waiting to be installed?

I tried reconfiguring automatic updates using the group policy manager
instead of control panel and that didn't help.

I also looked at the services running and started any that seemed might
help, such as alerter, but maybe I missed one?




that seems like a useful tool, however it did not restore the automatic
updates notification icon. Any other ideas?

Mark L. Ferguson

start/run, type:

The Update tab should let you turn off the updates, restart the system, and
turn them on again. This may toggle whatever setting is out.

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