Missing OLEDB drivers in Excel 2000 (

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Missing OLEDB drivers Blank OLAP Provide

I have a Client computer having Windows XP SP2, and when I try to connect
from Excel 2000 to an OLAP Cube in Analysis Service the Excel get blank when
I have to choose the OLAP Provider, OLEDB connection.
Result - missing Microsoft OLEDB drivers in Excel Pivot for Excel

I tried -
* installing SQLServer2005_ASOLEDB9.msi
* installing mdac_typ.exe
* installing msxml6.msi
* installing Excel 2003

But I still have the same problem

It's an isolated incident - In orders machines with similar configuration
displays the OLAP Provider from Excel, and the connection is successful .

Please I need a solution, I need to get this to work without reinstall of




Missing OLEDB drivers Blank OLAP Provide

I still have the same problem, can anybody help me please?


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