ODC properties: OLAP Server Formatting


Raúl Garín


I am trying to share my cube connections files (ODC) in a sharepoint data
connection library, buy I can't set the "OLAP Server Formatting" options

What happens is the following:

If I create a new ODC (for an analysis services connection), Excel 2007
shows the measures as formatted in the cube properties. The ODC "connection
properties" dialog shows, under the Usage tab, all the "OLAP Server
Formatting" ticks CHECKED. OK so far.

Then I upload the ODC to a sharepoint data connection library.

The problem is, when I open the ODC from sharepoint to an Excel worksheet,
measures are shown without format. If, again, I open the ODC's "connection
properties" dialog, all the "OLAP Server Formatting" ticks are UNCHECKED. If
I recheck the "Number Format", everything works fine again...

Do somebody know why are those checks changed?? Is it a property of the ODC,
or of the Excel file??



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