Excel Error while connecting to OLAP cube



I tried connecting Excel 2007 to Sql Server 2008 Analysis Services Cube. I am
getting this error

"Excel was unable to get necessary information about this cube. The cube
might have been reorganized or changed on the server.

Contact the OLAP cube administrator and, if necessary, set up a new data
source to connect to the cube."

I have two SQL server 2008 Ent, edition running on Windows 2008 - 64 Bit
servers. I have problem connecting Analysis services cube on one server where
as I do not have any issues if I connect to other server. All I see the
difference between both boxes is that the working server is running on
Physical server and the problematic server is running on Xen Virtual
enviroment. I have compared all other settings like Locale, Patch level,
collation, user permissions and etc and all are similar. I'm sure that this
should not be a problem in Excel 2007 as it working with one of the SQL

Please advice

Thanks, Prakash


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