Excel file with olap cube gets corrupted



I'm using sql server 2008 olap cubes and excel 2007 pivot tables, what has
occured is that i work with a file querying the olap cube.

I work with the file for some days even months, and some day i'm trying to
open the file and excel warns me that the file is corrupted.
It asks me if i want excel to correct it or not, i choose excel to correct
my file.
The file is corrected, but my dinamic table to the cube is no longer there
and i got a copy of the values that where there.

What caused it?
Can i correct the file without having to construct the olap query again?

Thank you


Didn't anyone experienced the same problem?

I have been talking in the company and a few people said that is probably an
issue related with dynamic tables

Is there a solution?

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