missing microphone playback volume controller



I'm trying to record music and want to hear myself through the headphones as
I'm playing and singing. However, I seem to be lacking a microphone playback
volume controller when I "Open volume controls". When I open "properties" on
the 'Options' menu there are only five playback controls available: Volume
Control, Wave, SW Synth, CD Player, and PC Speaker. I do have a recording
volume control for my mic, and I am able to record sound.

Charlie Tame

Is there an alternative playback device in the drop down list?

If you know the maker of the sound card (or sound chips if built in) their
website may have better drivers that suit it's capabilities. Is this the
original install of XP that came with it or something you has installed on
the machine later?

There may be no easy way around this, and messing with drivers can upset
things so don't jump in with both feet, find the chips and or card and pick
through any info you can find before doing anything.


"Wanted: instant microphone playback" <Wanted: instant microphone
(e-mail address removed)> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...

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