Microsoft Word not functioning correctly:



I recently upgraded from a Dell 8200 with XP to a Dell
XPS 8500, with Windows 7 Professional, SP1 with
Spywareblaster, CcCleaner, Defraggler, Avast, and
Windows firewall.

I used Microsoft Word (version 2002) that came with my
8200/ XP on the 8500. The problem is I'm able to open
Word by clicking the icon on the taskbar, but when I try
to open a file in My Documents the borders (in Word)
starts to flash or blink and locks it.

If I toggle using alt-tab keys My Documents appears and
it unlocks and I'm able to open documents.

However, if I right click the icon on the taskbar and select
Microsoft Word then it words normally with no flashing.

I don't understand why the difference? Word should work
the same whether I right click the icon and select Microsoft
Word or whether I click the Word icon.

Thoughts, Suggestions?


Yes, I have all the original CD's from my small office bundle
that came with the 8200 but I just loaded Word and Excel which
is the what I did for the 8200.

Excel works fine and so does Word if I toggle or right click
as I explained.

I do check for Microsoft updates so I assume also service packs?



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