Microsoft updates


Bill R

I have an icon in the ?tray (bottom right of screen) showing me "updates are
ready for your computer". They are "Security update for Microsoft Office
PowerPoint 2003 KB976881" and "Update for Microsoft Office Outlook Junk
Email Filter KB977713". Neither Microsoft PowerPoint nor Microsoft Outlook
are installed on the computer. When I go to download and install the
updates it goes through the motions of downloading the two updates but the
install fails. However, the icon remains stubbornly in the tray. Why does
Microsoft update identify the need for an update to non-existent software
and how can I remove the icon please.


Bill R


Is any version of Office installed, trial or otherwise?
Program Files/ Microsoft Office, doesnt exist?


Click the icon to bring up the Updates box.
Instead of Express Install, click the button for Custom Install, and
click Next.
In the list of updates to install, uncheck the box for any updates you
do not need, such as for Office components that are not installed.
Click Next, and a dialog will appear where you can add a check to a box
for "Don't show these updates again"
Continue and close when done.

Those updates should not be offered again.

Leonard Grey

When you buy an Office suite - as opposed to a single Office application
- you are offered updates for the suite.

This has two advantages:
1- If you decide to install a previously unused component of the suite,
you will have its most up-to-date version; and
2- The components of the suite are designed to work with each other, so
when you update one component - say, Excel - you have to download the
updates for the other components as well (and install the updates for
components you are using.)

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