mic not working



Hi wondering if anyone culd help with an audio issue. I have recently
bought a brand new computer and the playback on the mic does not work.
I can record sound no problem, but I can't hear the sound when I play

When I open volume control, there is no option for mic. Now this is
the tricky part - when I go to options > properties, there is no
option for playback on the mic. I have two devices available, HD input
1 and HD output 2 (and a third option for digital but that doesn't
matter). When I open the settings for HD input, 'playback' is greyed
out. I've reinstalled all my drivers and nothing happens, so I guess
this is XP being silly and that this is a registry issue.

My sound card is a VIA VT1618 @ VIA VT8237A High Definition Audio
Controller on a VM900M motherboard. If anyone can lend a hand that
would be great.



Not too sure what you are trying to do here but if you want to hear the
output from the microphone through the computer speakers like a PA amplifier
this won't work on all computers. Apparently some drivers don't allow that
to occur and some do. One of my laptops, if I turned on the microphone to
record from it without turning down the volume on my speakers, I would get
terrible feedback. The second computer model from the same manufacturer, I
couldn't get the sound out at all but could record voice and playback later.

Same has happened with a couple of my older desktops with 98, 2000, ME and
pre SP XP but I haven't tried it lately with my newer computers.


Sounds more like he has his speakers muted.
Got a mute button on your keyboad?
Bit hard because we don't know what you have in front of you. You plugged
into the (usually) green port?
Playback on the mic? A mic is ONLY for input.
Reread your post & tell us your problem again.
Plug speakers in & see if they "talk"?

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