microphone-no sound



Hi, I try to use the sound recorder to try to record my voice (Microphone is
plugged into the pc) and when I try to playback, there is no recording. Not
even the waves move up when I talk into the mic. I also tried the same thing
using "Vomail" (which is just like sound recorder but facilitates emailing
the wav files)
I have tried:
1)checking my volume control settings to make sure that the mute/select box
is UNchecked and that there is enough volume in the control.
2)making sure that my microphone actually DOES work by trying it on another
pc. Of course the mic is plugged into the mic appropriate jack, and
my speakers are on.

I can actually hear when I plug in the mic & breathe into it. So, I am
ANy ideas?
windows xp home sp2 (Dell 4 yr old pc)


UM I fixed the problem. Actually in the volume settings, the box that said
"select" needs to be checked in the microphone settings. I had read in the
help files that mute/select boxes mean the same thing;but i guess it was
interpreted wrong by me. I am sorry but at least someone may learn from my
mistake. thanks


R.click the speaker by the clock,open volume control,options,properties,select
record from playback,in the new graph menu,chk the box for mic.

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