Mf.sys Multifunction Bus Driver


Tim Houle

I'm trying to install a device that depends on mf.sys,
mf.inf which is a System Supplied Multifunction Bus
Driver. Anyone know what the name of this component is in

Andy Allred [MS]

You can find components that own file resources easily by using Target
Designer's Filter Manger (Tools | Filter Manger | New). When you apply the
filter, TD will search the entire DB to find all components owning that file
you're looking for.

Keep in mind, some components (like the one you're looking for) are hidden,
so you'll need to reduce your visibility in TD (Options | Advanced tab).
Change visibility to '100'. Default vis level is '1000'.

BTW, when you search for mf.inf, the component returned by the Filter that
owns mf.inf/mf.sys is:
"Device: Multifunction"


Lynda Allen [MS]

It is owned by the Device: Multifunction component. You may need to adjust
your Target Designer visibility setting to 100 (Tools - options- Advanced).
In future you can use the filter function in TD to search for files within
Hope this helps,


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