Vendor-signed (self-signed) driver problems



I'm trying to self-sign my driver package using the procedure that
Microsoft has outlined for devices that have no specific tests under
the WHQL logo program. We do this for another driver package, so
we've got the digital certificate and code-signing tools and we've
already successfuly self-signed that driver. My problem seems to be a
bit unusual.

My device is a multifunction device that breaks some rules, so I have
to use the mf.sys driver to dole out resources in one of the functions
to two separate drivers. I wrote my INF file as specified in the DDK,
and the INF passes chkinf and the resources are handled properly.
Just as the DDK instructs, I used the "Include" and "Needs" directives
for mf.inf to install it for my device. When I create the .cat file
and sign it, however, I get an unsigned driver popup for mf.sys when I
install my device (Microsoft's multifunction driver). My drivers are
loaded without any unsigned driver popups.

I'm pretty sure I'm hitting this problem because I'm not including
mf.inf and mf.sys in my driver package when I create the .cat file,
but I don't think this is something I should be able to do anyway. I
doubt that it is valid to "self-sign" a particular version of a driver
provided by Microsoft, because this would break if mf.inf or mf.sys
are changed in a Windows Update. When we receive test signatures from
Microsoft for my driver package, we don't get the unsigned driver
popup for mf.sys and we don't submit it as part of the package,
either. I'll bet this would happen for anyone who tries to self-sign
a driver that includes a MS INF, but this would be most commonly used
for multifunction devices. Does anyone have any ideas, or has anyone
encountered anything similar?



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