mf.sys referenced in INF but Windows is not installing it?


Allan Smith

Many of our HCT signed PCI device driver sets for Win2k and XP make use of
mf.sys and mf.inf using a section of our inf that would typically look like

AddReg = CoCopyINF.AddReg
CopyFiles = CoCopyINF.CopyFiles

Some systems these days seem to be built without mf.sys installed. It was
my understanding that if mf.sys was not installed the
section in mf.inf would be accessed and it would be installed automatically,
but instead we see the install get confused and say it can't find mf.inf
(which is in the INF dir) or mf.sys and ask for where to install it from.

mf.sys is typically in a system CAB file named and it does not
prompt appropriately to find it or ask for the OS install disk.

Is there something extra that needs to be added to make this run smoothly?


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