Multifunction PC-Card Install issue w/ Sysprep



the SYSPREP people (Todd) sent me here to bring
this up.

I have ported a Windows NT driver for a multifunction
PC Card to Windows XP. The driver runs fine.
The driver is not signed. The customer does not
require this.

The Installation, runs fine in 'normal' environment.
I am using MF.SYS. I have witten the root .inf file
according to the DDK section

'Supporting PC Cards That Have Incomplete Configuration

The issue:
During Mini-Setup, the card is not being installed.
It should be, as the sysprep.inf says


The installation starts when a Administrator logs in
after Mini-Setup. If Mini-Setup runs with -pnp,
the card get installed completely. The customer has
rejected this because it takes too long.

The deployment people tell me it's a driver issue.
But-I do not even see the driver being installed,
started or whatever.

Question: Are PC Cards which are installed according

'Supporting PC Cards That Have Incomplete Configuration

supported like 'standard' PnP card by MF.SYS?

If so, how can I manage to have the enumeration
started during Mini-Setup w/o using the -pnp switch?


Best regards

Pavel A.

Try to sign your driver. To begin with, get a test signature (read on the winqual site).

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