Master footers not in background in 2007



RE: PPT 2007 footers. I added footers to my master slide and applied to all
slides. I'm frustrated, though, because it adds the footers as text boxes on
each slide, not as items in the background on the master. That means I can
accidentally move or delete them when I "Select All" to edit my slide items.
I want them to stay in the background on the master where they belong.
Please help.


That is the new way, and as far as I know nothing can be done about it.
Apparently this was something users asked to be changed.
As a workaround you could consider inserting a plain text box on the slide
master or the individual slide layouts that go with it. Use the Insert slide
number button in the text group of the insert tab to put the number in that
text box. This would be in the background and not selectable.

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