Footers in PowerPoint2007



I am designing my own theme for use on all future slides and thus am using
the Master Layout.

3 problems are arising (all, I suspect, linked):
1. When on the Master layout slide, adding or amending one of the footers
only copies through to some of the individual layouts underneath the master.
Why is this and how can I get it to copy through to all the layouts? All
layouts have footer placeholders where I want the amended footer from the
master to copy to.
2. When trying to apply the theme to a set of presentation slides, none of
the footers appear on any of the slides. If I go via the Insert menu to add
a footer, it is not the master layout footers that appear.
3. In Master layout, on the top ribbon, under the Master Layout section,
clicking the icon for Master Layout gives me the Placeholders list - but
these are all greyed out so I cannot add ot delete any. Why not?

All help gratefully received - I am incredibly frustrated at this.


No - but I think I have soretd it anyway.
I have deleted the placeholder that I was trying to amend (which I think was
a date placeholder so would not print more than one line) and then added a
new Text placeholder into whcih I have then inserted the text I wanted.
I then went through evry individual slide layout (in Master Layout mode) and
clicked the footer tickbox twice - once deleted all the footers and the
second then reinserted them but to those on the now amended master slide.

This laborious method has at leaast worked and achieved what I wanted to
achieve (so much for Microsoft helping you to work the way you want to work -
rather, they try to make you work the way that MS think you should work).
The lack of Help on this within PPT, and the total lack of clarity as to how
this sort of think can be achiveed is, in my view, diabolical and shows how
poor the MS PPT developers are and how out of touch they are with how real
people work in the real world (i.e. they don't want all those silly
MS-designed themes, they want to be able to design their own easily).

Thanks for trying to help.

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