Manipulate default contacts list


Fred Boer

Hi all:

In our office we use an exchange server and Outlook 2003. All of our client
information is stored in a shared contacts folder stored on a public drive.
I have read several posts about associating contact folders with email
address books. I have done that successfully (although I have an issue
unresolved in that problem...).

Can I set up Outlook to do this:

I create a new calendar appointment.
I click on the "Contact" button in the bottom left-hand corner to associate
this appointment with a specific contact.
Outlook opens the default contact folder, NOT the shared contact folder.
I have to navigate through a long list of folders to get to the shared
contact folder.

1. Any way to make Outlook use the shared contact folder as the default in
this process?

and, similarly, when I click on "To:" I get a huge long list of address
books (it's a massive network), with my shared folder contacts list down at
the very bottom.

2. Any way to make Outlook look in the shared contact folder as the default
for emails? Or am I being/doing something stupid/wrong here?


Sue Mosher [MVP]

1) No.

2) Yes. Tools | Address Book, Tools | Options, Show This Address List First.

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