Can't seem to show address books from other acocunts in 'Show names from...' menu

May 27, 2011
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Request for help please!

Am going a little nuts over something at work that I KNOW works (because we've somehow managed it before) but I can't for the life of me work out how to do it now. I'll explain the set up of our Outlook first (using Exchange and my client is Outlook 2003). Sorry if it's overly wordy.

We have our own mail accounts which is obviously all fine and dandy, contacts are showing up as expected, GAL is fine etc etc.

We also have a number of shared mailboxes which obviously multiple people have access to - for example, my immediate team all have access to the team mailbox. In this team mailbox account (from which we all have 'send on behalf of...' permissions so we can all see the shared account in our folder list when logging into Outlook under our own individual mail accounts), we've stored a number of communal contacts in the shared account's 'contacts' address book.

We can all view the contact address book of the shared mailbox when clicking it's 'contacts' folder in the folder list, so no problem with access rights.

However the problem I've got is that when I create a new email, click the 'to' button and then choose the drop-down 'show names from the:' menu, it doesn't allow the user to select the shared mailbox's contacts address book. Now somehow in the past we've managed to do it so any shared mailbox address books show up in this menu as selectable entries under 'Outlooks Address Books' - there is still a list allowing me to view the contacts books from three of the other shared mailboxes I have access to. However I can't seem to add a newly-added mailbox to this list.

It's driving me crazy! I've googled this to the cows come home and had no luck. We're not in cached mode. We've tried making sure the tools>address book...etc has the 'show as address book' ticked.

Like I say, we somehow managed to stumble on how to fix this years ago (hence why the three other address books from the shared accounts still appear and work) - I just can't remember how we did it! I can remember it DID involve us doing a bit of a work around in logging out, logging on as the shared mailbox, doing something with profiles then logging back in again. I've tried multiple variations of this but can't stumble across what we did before.

PLEASE HELP. It would shave SO MUCH TIME off my daily workload by being able to use this feature. Anyone out there know the solution? I can't be the only person on the planet trying to do this!!!

Thanks :)


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