multiple contact folders



I went to send an email, and when I clicked on "To" I got a message saying
"the address list could not be displayed. The contacts folder associated with
this address list could not be opened". When I clicked "Ok", a box popped up
"Select Names". In the upper right corner was a box showing "contacts". I
clicked on the check mark on the right and brought up a list of all the
folders in "Outlook address book". Three contact folders showed! The first
was empty. the second had some address. The third was the correct folder. I
don't know where the first two come from, but if I look in Contacts on the
main menu, there is only one contact folder and it the right one. After
trying other saved personal folders, I had the same problem. It appears the
problem is not with the "Personal Folder". but with some other list outlook
saves. Can anyone help me with this because until I get rid of the two
phantom contact folders, I have to type the email addresses in "New Mail"


I finally solved the problem! I went to "email Accounts", "view or change
directories or address books". There showed up the extra Contact folders
which I was able to delete! I still have no idea where the extra contact
folders came from.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

You need to delete the 'bad' folders - Ctrl+Shift+B to open the address
book then go to its tools, options. Delete the contacts folder from the list
and add the correct one back.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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Russ Valentine

Old or invalid references to Contacts Folders in the address book occur
whenever you migrate a data file incorrectly.

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