Mail not deliving to Outlook 2003



We use exchange 2003 SP2 on one server, one domain.

I have one user that has trouble receiving mail from internal/office users
intermittently in outlook 2003 SP3, on a windows XP professional SP3
computer. If they go to Outlook Web Access -- all of their mail is in their
inbox in OWA, nothing was changed on their computer - hardware or software.

She gets web mail in outlook, I can send mail to her from my hotmail account
she get that no problem in outlook, I can also send mail to her from my OWA
signon no problem. It's when internal/corporate users send to her she does
not receive all in the inbox, but her OWA signon all mail shows.
Troubleshooting I have done on the users desktop for outlook is ---

created a new profile

After each step above I tried to send an internal email to her and she did
not receive. Tried sending from different users internal desktops to her and
no good - all intermittent, the majority she does not get. When at her
computer we see the alert for a new message appear, then it disappears, and
mail never arrives in outlook.

I also created a profile on my computer - SP Professional SP3/my outlook
2003 SP3 with the users name and I can not receive new internal mail with her

There is a problem between her mailbox sending new mail to her outlook, OWA
as mentioned receives all mail the way it should, but not her Outlook.

I checked all settings/option/rules --- all good in her outlook.

can anyone assist as to a problem with her mailbox and not receiving all
internal mail, but she gets web mail ?





neo said:
Do you notice any difference when it is configured for cached vs.


Her Outlook is not set to run in cached mode - no outlook clients are
running in cached mode.





okay, do the new items show up if the user switches folders (e.g. switch to
sent items then back to inbox) or restarts Outlook? If the answer is yes,
this just means that something is blocking UDP between the Exchange server
and client workstation.

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