Mail merge and multiple email addresses for one contact



When I do an email merge in Outlook 2007 (and Word 2007) I have a problem in
that if there are two email addresses and two names in one contact (as in a
married couple), the mail merge does not send to the second email address.
How do I get it to send to both email addresses USING THE NAME associated
with each particular email address.

For instance I maybe a contact entry for John and Mary Smith. On my last
email merge it sent one email to John email (his was first), but my
salutation said "Dear John and Mary". It did not pull the name from the name
associated with his email address and did not send the email to Mary at all.




Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

You posted no information that would permit help from a newsgroup. Post the
precise steps you are using in your merge, the outcome you expected and the
outcome you got in Word's mail merge group.

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