I am trying to create some macros in Excel that will be availabl
whenever I open any Excel spreadsheet so I think I need to store th
Macro in my Personal Macro Workbook. When I click record macro an
select store macro in Personal Macro Workbook it is unable to recor
the Macro and says "Personal Macro Workbook in the startup folder mus
stay open for recording". How do I set my computer so the persona
macro workbook in the startup folder stays open


create your presonel.xls on other folder and than copy to the startup folder

regards from Brazil

"Cincy" escreveu:

Dave Peterson

xl2002+ has the abililty to quarantine what it thinks are bad workbooks.

They can keep track of them so that it doesn't even try to open them.

If you look under Help|About MS Excel, you'll see a button called: "Disabled

Check under there to see if it's marked not to open. You can enable it there,

If the workbook is really bad, you may want to delete that copy and put a copy
of your backup version into your XLStart folder.

(If you don't have a backup, take the time now and create one.)


Thanks. I went to the disabled items location you mentioned and enabled
the folder. Once I did that the macro buttons and macros automatically
appeared in my spreadsheets because I had previously created the macros
but couldn't view them because they were disabled.

It did say the personal.xls file was disabled to allow other programs
to function so I hope by re-enabling it it doesn't cause me other

I am confused by your statement about creating a backup and that if the
workbook is really bad I may want to delete that copy and put a copy
into my xlstart folder.

How do I know if the personal.xls file located in my xlstart folder is
bad? How do I create a backup?

I also did a search on my computer for the xlstart folder and found
that the xlstart folder under program files is empty but I did find the
personal.xls file under the Documents and Setting folder for one of the
users. Is this the correct location for the personal.xls file?

Gord Dibben


Set macro security to "medium".

The go to Help>About>Disabled Items

If Personal.xls is disabled, enable it.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

Dave Peterson

If excel disabled the workbook, then it thought something was bad with that
workbook. Deleting the current version and replacing it with a "clean" backup
may clear up the problem.

I just use windows explorer to copy my personal.xls to a new location whenever I
want a backup made. Then if I screw something up, I can use that backup copy.

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