Macro Will Not Save



I keep trying to record and save a Macro just to find that it does not stay
saved. I have saved the Macro in the PERSONAL.XLS workbook and in the Open
Workbook that I record the macro in. Once I close those workbooks and reopen
them the macro is no where to be found.

Whenever I open the Personal Workbook I do get the security warning stating
"C:\Documents and Settings\Sonia's Login\Desktop\personal.XLS" contains
macros. I always click Enable Macros, but when I go to run the macro there is
no macros. I was thinking it may have something to do with me saving the
PERSONAL.XLS workbook on my desktop?

Gord Dibben

You should not get the security warning when Personal.xls opens if you
selected Personal Macro Workbook as the place to record to. Your Personal
Macro Workbook is a special file that Excel recognizes as safe and will not
raise the warning.

Personal.xls must be stored in your XLSTART folder so's it will open when
Excel starts.

Default path is

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

If you followed the steps in first paragraph Excel would do that

As far as not seeing the macros, where are you looking for them?

If none visible in Tools>Macro>Macros perhaps the macros are Private.

Alt + F11 to open VBEditor and double-click on a module in Personal.xls to

Are the macros there?

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

Jim Thomlinson

personal.xls should sit in the default folder XlStart. Files in that folder
are loaded automatically. As for why you do not see your macros that is hard
to answer. Try switching to the XLStart folder and see fi that fixes up your

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