Personal.xls will not open when I open excel



I am using Office 2007. I have macros stored on my personal.xls, however when
I open Excel, personal.xls does not open with it. I have checked
View/Windows, but the unhide is grayed out. If I open personal.xls from my C
drive, my macros are available, but I can not use the buttons I created on
the quick access toolbar. When I close Excel, it asks me if i want to save
changes I made to my personal macro workbook. I answer yes, but the next time
I open Excel, personal.xls does not open. I saw a post about possibly having
an instance of Excel stuck in memory, however the site that was referenced to
help with this problem is no longer valid. Can someone help me?



Ron de Bruin

Hi uncrox

Check out this

PERSONAL.XLS(B) will not open but is in the correct location

When Excel think the file is corrupt it can disable the file.
You can re-enable it here but if it is really corrupted replace it with a backup.

Excel 2002-2003: Help>About MS Excel>Disabled items
Excel 2007 : Office button>Excel Options..Add-ins
In the "Manage:" dropdown (bottom of the dialog)
Choose "Disabled Items


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