How prevent multiple PERSONAL.XLS...TMP files from loading when



Suddenly, every time I open an excel spreadsheet (new or existing), or save
an excel spreadsheet after updating, up to 18 Excel files of names such as
PERSONAL.XLS~RFfa5a1e5.TMP and PERSONAL.XLS~RFfa5a1e5.TMP~RF2850202.TMP are
opened/loaded in addition to the spreadsheet I opened. I did System
Restores, disk cleanup,virus/malware scans, disabled Autorecover, removed all
macros, did restarts, etc, etc, all to no avail. System Restores made it
worse, i.e., more PERSONAL.XLS files of type described opened. I use Office
2003 and Excel 2003 validly purchased and installed several years ago. My
computer is a DELL3000 with updated TrendMicro Security software.Is there a
fix for this, and if so, what is it? Many thanks for any help offered!!


try removing these Personal.xls from

C\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application
make sure you don't need these before removing them

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Dave Peterson

Saved from a previous post:

If those .tmp files look like: ...\VB*.tmp

I searched google again for "\vb" and .tmp and got a few hits.

One of them:

One person posted that they saw files that had names like: ~RF26c83af.TMP.

It was caused by AVG.

You can read her description in this thread:"&rnum=2&hl=en#cccd4eed0638e395


A while ago, someone posted back that uninstalling something called "Panda
ClientShield" fixed a similar problem.

Even if you're not running "Panda ClientShield", you could try disabling this
program to see if the problem goes away.

ps. I didn't remember correctly. That thread from Wendy (#7) does indeed point
to AVG as the culprit.

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