Personal Macro Workbook in startup folder missing



Tried to create a new macro and store in the Personal Macro workbook - am
receiving an error message-

"Personal Macro Workbook in the startup folder must stay open for recording".
"Unable to Record".

Tried to run a stored Macro, the Personal Macro Workbook is not available.

Microsoft Excel help is not.

Dave Peterson

If you created a personal.xls workbook and it's not opening, maybe...

xl2002+ has the abililty to quarantine what it thinks are bad workbooks.

They can keep track of them so that it doesn't even try to open them.

If you look under Help|About MS Excel, you'll see a button called: "Disabled

Check under there to see if it's marked not to open. You can enable it there,

If the workbook is really bad, you may want to delete that copy and put a copy
of your backup version into your XLStart folder.

(If you don't have a backup, take the time now and create one.)


Your awesome! Thank you. Help/About/ Disabled - the personal.xls was
disabled. How frustrating - I have upwards of 20 different macros I use.....

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