Lost Recurring Appointments



I participate in a weekly group meeting that was sent to me (and the other
members of the group) as a recurring appointment from my boss' calendar by
his assistant (on his behalf).

Since the original appointment was sent, multiple occurances have been
individually rescheduled, all of which I accepted, and were placed on my
calendar. No problem.

However, last week, I declined the weekly meeting, since I was unable to
attend, which seemed to be no problem and now all of the occurances of this
meeting have disappeared from my calendar.

I have surrogate rights to his calendar, so went in and forwarded the
appointments to myself one-by-one (as individual occurances vs. as a series),
which appeared to work. EXCEPT that when I went into my own in box to accept
them, all but the most recent appointment stated that the meeting request was
out of date and after clicking accept on all of them, only that one appeared
on my calendar.

So - I tried again, forwarding an individual occurance, then accepting it,
one-by-one (vs. sending all, then going into my own in box & accepting once I
was done in his). The "out of date" request warning was not there with each
appointment, but still, each time I accepted one, it deleted/replaced the
previous occurance I had just accepted.

So - I figured perhaps I would have to re-send the series of appointments,
then manually move any that were exceptions. I did that, got a "do you want
to update your own calendar now?" dialog box, clicked yes, and figured I'd
just have a little clean up to do on my own calendar. But they're still not
showing up.

I'm stumped. I need to have these meetings on my calendar, and would prefer
not to have to enter them in as an appointment that I create, since I will
then not receive any updated information if future meetings change - but I
have tried everything I can think of to fix this myself.

We are using Outlook 2002 on a Microsoft Exchange Server.

Can anyone help me?




Oops - when I said surrogate, I meant delegate. And, the original meeting
notice was sent by his assistant, who is also a delegate. In reading past
posts, it appears that that may be causing some of the problem (the delegate
send, plus the multiple instances of moving/rescheduling the recurring
appointment). Is there any way to work around it so I can get these meetings
back on my calendar?

Thanks -

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