Losing Public Folder Entries


Simon Perryman

We are running Exchange 2003 and use Public Folders for staff calendars. We recently installed a new exchange server to be set up the same as the previous one and initially it worked fine. Now we are losing entries from Public Folders at random. Sometimes and entire folder is emptied, other times only certain entries disappear.

We also use offline folders for the Public Folders but this has always worked perfectly in the past. We are using Outlook XP with one user on Outlook 2003 (cached mode). Can't determine if it is an Exchange or Outlook problem.

Very frustrating, any ideas please.

Roady [MVP]

I would treat it as an Exchange issue to begin with.
Is this a standalone server? No replication going on with other Exchange
In addition verify the permissions set on the folders. Revoke the Delete
permission where needed. You could even go as far as denying everybody the
permission to delete any items until you have it solved. This will make sure
there isn't any end-user causing this and that it is indeed a technical
Also enable auditing on the Exchange server to see which items get delete by

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