Drop "in public folders" tag on calendar names




We are running Exchange 2003 SP2 and Outlook/Office 2003 SP3.

We have a number of Exchange based public folder calendars used for
scheduling purposes.
Up until recently the calendars could be viewed side by side in Outlook with
no problems, with the calendar name displayed in the tabs at the top of the

There appears to have been a recent update to Outlook 2003, which results in
Calendars that are located in public folders having the text "in public
folders" added to their display name in Calendar view.

The problem I have now is that the name tabs for my 8 calendars all say the
same (part of the new "in public folders" text), so I cannot tell which is
which. Outlook seems to try and auto fit the names, and does not left
justify them - so I can't see the important part!

Does anyone know how to fix this, or what update may have caused it so that
I can remove it.

MS: Many people seem to be experiencing this, is there a KB? If not, there
should be!

Kind regards,


James Luo

Issue description: After recent update for outlook 2003 SP3, the name of
the public calendars on the top of their calendar views have added "in
public folders" part when users use side-by-side calendar view

Check info:
1. Could you tell the name of this update? So I can try it in my local lab
2. Does the symptom happen to all outlook clients that applied this update?

Possible cause: Outlook 2003 applied security update from KB924085
(MS07-003), which would cause this symptom

Resolution: Hotfix 935411

Workaround: Remove shared public calendar and store them individually
within a mailbox. This way, the display name does not include where they
come from when user uses side-by-side calendar view

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