Public folders problem


Steve Thompson

One of our domain users is having a strange problem accessing public folders.
If they go to "All Public Folders", they can access with no problem. However,
when they try to access the same folder from either their public folder
Favorites, they get "Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook
cannot access the specified folder location." Also, the folder is a calendar,
but when they navigatge to Calendars and try to access the calendar under
Other Calendars, they get "The operation failed."

Other symptoms:
* The version of the calendar in favorite public folders and Calendar show
unread items in the folder, but the "all public folders" version does not.
* Cannot delete any folders from "favorite public folders", or look at
properties for them.
* The same symptom occur for any public folder I add to her favorites.
* Problem does not exist when she logs into a different PC.

I know that creating a new Outlook profile might clear this up, but I'd like
to avoid having to recreate all her settings (and I *will* have to recreate
them), so if anyone has any ideas short of that, I'd appreciate it.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

which version of outlook?

When you say its ok if she logs in from another computer, are you using
roaming profiles?

how about removing the exchange account and recreating it? You won’t have
many settings to recreate that way, although in older versions of outlook
most settings are specific to the windows acct, not the outlook profile.

Is she using cache mode? Is she caching the calendar? Disabling PF caching
might fix it. you could also delete the ost and let outlook rebuild.

There is a switch that is worth trying - it removes invalid reg keys and
recreates necessary ones. If the problem is her profile, it’s a corrupt
registry.. but I don't know if the switch will fix it. (It won’t make it

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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