Outlook 2003/2007 and Exchange 2007 Public Folders Issues



Sorry for the cross-post, but I'm not sure if this problem is
Outlook's fault or Exchange's fault. :blush:)

I have two problems that may be related. We had an Exchange 2000 /
Outlook 2003 infrastructure that was migrated to Exchange 2007 /
Outlook 2003. I have one desktop running Outlook 2007 for comparison's
sake. We migrated to Exchange 2007 back before the DST change this
spring and seemed to be working fine for a long time.

Recently (within the last 60 days), many of my users have been getting
errors in Outlook 2003 when opening or attempting to delete public
folder calendar items. The error does not necessarily occur for the
same item across multiple users, or for the same user across multiple
items, or even twice for the same item. In the case of recurring items
(though not all calendar entries are recurring), the error occurs
before even seeing the "This Occurrence/The Series" dialog box.
Outlook 2007 does not display the errors. Sometimes, restarting
Outlook makes the problem go away temporarily, sometimes it goes away
on its own, but it always comes back eventually, and it seems to be
getting worse as time goes on.

Usually the error is:
"Can't open this item. There is not enough memory available to perform
the operation."

Sometimes, more simply:
"There is not enough memory available to perform the operation."
"The operation failed."

Possibly related, possibly not: Outlook 2007 in the same situation
(same public folder calendars on the same Exchange 2007 server), some
calendar entries get stuck open -- clicking the X or choosing "Close"
doesn't close them. The only way to get rid of them is to close
Outlook entirely, which then prompts to save and close the items (even
if no changes had been made).

I don't know if this is an Exchange or Outlook problem, but since
different clients behave differently, I'm inclined to think at least
some of the problem is an Outlook problem. My Exchange server is fully
up to date as are most of my client systems (with Office and Windows
updates). I don't see any related Event Log entries on the server or
the client side, and there aren't any errors in the sync issues folder
(though since these are public folders, I'm not sure there would be).
Or, maybe it's an Exchange problem and it's just gotten worse over
time since our migration as our public folders get larger and Exchange
hates me more... ;o)

Moving to Outlook 2007 would be a huge pain for my organisation but
can be considered if absolutely necessary. Moving off of public
folders would also be a pain, but we are aware this has to be in our
infrastructure roadmap since public folders are the bastard child of
Exchange these days.

Any advice is welcome. I've tried googling for answers, but am coming
up with nothing conclusive (just a lot of noise).


Ed Crowley [MVP]

I haven't heard of this issue, myself. If you don't get a good answer here,
you might want to open a ticket with Microsoft PSS. If you get a solution,
please post it here. Thanks.

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