Public Folders missing Outlook 2007


Dean Kollet

Exchange 2007 SP1. Outlook 2007. It started with one user, now we have two
more. The Public Folders go missing. Clicking on the Folder Icon comes up
with "Folder Sizes" and 'Data File Management". For the first user, I had to
create an new Windows user account and it fixed it, but now it's happened to
two more users.

-The Exchange server was upgraded from 2003 (and previously 2000)
-Some users still use Outlook 2000 (with no issues)
-All Windows/Office updates are installed
-All three instances seem random

Mar 20, 2012
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This is a few years late, but the first thing to check is the the folders have been collapsed at the top. If you see a double-down arrow to the right of "All Folders" above "Folder Sizes" and "Data File Management," click on it to re-expand the folder list.


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