Looping slides or text


Flying Ace

I am working on a detailed PowerPoint, in which I need to show a calendar
time line of dates within the PP. The calendar is too large when typed out,
to display all at once on a slide. Is there a way that I can loop either the
text or several slides within a show, without having to loop the rest of the
show? I had two thoughts on how I could do this, but I'm not sure exactly how
to do it. Either I could type all of the calendar in text box on the same
slide, and then set up the animation to display them all in a time ordered
fashion before changing to the next text box. And once they are at the end
start all over. Or is it possible to type the calendar dates out on several
slides and have just a few slides within the main presentation looped
together until I am ready to continue on past them? Any help on this matter
would be greatly appreciated!

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