Long time before first page print


Ole Morten

In my office, we have a Windows 2000 Server with SP3,
which shares three printers, an OKI ML 3410 connected to
LPT1 on the server, and a Lexmark 2380 Plus and a HP
LaserJet 4P connected to a HP JetDirect 500X print
server. Seven workstations connect to this server, two of
them running Windows 2000 Professional SP3, two running
Windows Me, one running Windows 98 and the two last is
running Windows 95. The Windows 2000 Server is the DC of
a local domain.

The problem is that when you try to print something from
the workstations, regardless of username, it lasts more
than 30 seconds before the printing starts! Even stranger
is it that the problem _don't_ appear when you print from
the computer running Windows 98, regardless of username.
What can the cause be for this?

I really need some help with this, so if anyone have
clue, please answer. Thanks!

Ole Morten, Norway



James Ireland

If you go start-controlpanel - printers. right click and
go to properties. Under the advanced tab you will find
an option to start printing immediately. Is this
checked? also the collate setting can make a difference
because it needs to collect the pages first and order

Ole Morten

I've already checked this, and tried both printing
directly to the printer, and printing to queue. It's the
same problem anyway.

Which collate settings are you talking about? I can't see
anything named collate in the printer preferences.



David Snell

Assuming you the jet direct attached devices are using
Microsofts "Standard TCP/ip Port Monitor" you might want
to change the port configuration from Raw to LPR. If you
search HP web you will find info on this, I'd tell you
where but I can never remember.


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