Problem: only administrator can print to a redirected network printer


Ross Presser

History: A Laserjet 4 printer named Tom was connected to a Jetdirect
print server, and the Windows 2000 domain controller ALICE printed to
it using an LPR port ( Shared as \\ALICE\Tom with
default permissions (Everybody:print, CreatorOwner:Manage Doc,
Administrators:Full, PowerUsers: Full). Nobody had any trouble

Change: The Jetdirect print server had been serving two (parallel-
only) printers in this way (Tom and Harry). Harry needed to be moved
elsewhere in the building, so it took the Jetdirect with it. Tom was
reconnected to a Windows XP workstation nearby, called FRED, on
LPT1: Shared as \\FRED\Tom with default permissions as above.
Nobody has any trouble printing to \\FRED\Tom.

\\ALICE\Tom was changed from the LPR port ( to local UNC
port (\\FRED\Tom). Only administrators are able to print. Other users
receive get a yellow popup "This document failed to print. Click here
to start the troubleshooter." Nothing helpful in anybody's eventlog:
the client, the intermediate server ALICE, or the destination XP
machine FRED.

I *know* I've done this before without incident. What could be wrong
in this case?

Domain is Windows 2000 mixed, two Windows 2000 domain controllers. All
machines concerned are members of the domain.

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