Local Policy Does Not allow logon




I have just taken over a client with a messed up network. I am getting "The
local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively" when
I try to logon to one of te workstations with an ID which is not part of the
Admin group. The netowrk is 2003 Active directory. I have added the user to
the local machine users as a local Administrator and that solved the problem
for now... What is causing this issue ?



I've seen this happen when the Security policy is changed to allow certain
users to log in.

Go to the 'Administrative Tools' Control Panel, and open 'Local Security
Policy'. Expand 'Local Policy', and click on 'User Rights Assignment'. Find
the setting 'Log on locally'. This is the list of users that can log in.

I use this on PC's at my work that can burn CD's, to restrict who can log in
and burn CD's.

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