Remote Desktop local policy error



'The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively.'

I was previously able to remote desktop to other pc's in the domain but now
I'm unable to. OS is WinXP Pro SP2. Here are the settings I've checked:
Local Security Policies:
Allow logon through TS: Administrators, Remote Desktop Users
Deny logon through TS: ASPNET

I'm in the local administrators group and I'm the domain admin as well. I
can remote into the servers fine, just not anymore to my PC or any other ntfs
winxp pro pc.

I'm in a group that's part of the local administrators group, I've put my
acct in the administrators group, remote desktop users and still doesn't
work. If I specifically put my domain acct into the local pc policy for
allowed logon it works, but I need to know why this has changed or what
setting I may be missing.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm not going to
1200+ computers to add my acct to the local policy.

Steven L Umbach

Double check that the domain admins group is still included in the local
administrators group on the domain computer you are trying to access. You
can use the command net localgroup users to check that quickly. Also see
what happens if you add domain admins to the user right for allow logon
through Terminal Services.


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