Keyboard Shortcuts don't work



I have followed the directions given in the help: "Create keyboard shortcuts
to open programs";

However, none of the shortcuts I set work. I have tried moving my shortcut
to the Quick app launcher toolbar, i have pinned it to the start menu, i
created a program group for it, etc. I have tried shortcuts of the following
form: Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Alt+A, Ctrl+F12, F12, Ctrl+Alt+F12. I have minimized all
my windows and have no luck. I have closed all programs and still nothing.

I am running Vista Ultimate 32-bit.

Why won't Vista allow me to bind a keyboard shortcut to my applicaiton??



Hello Shawn,

Those directions don't seem to be different from the help aside from the
fact that they recommend you bind to Ctrl+Alt sequences. I have tried
creating keyboard shortcuts for my home Vista 64 machine with the same
problem - the shortcut says I have bound the keyboard, but nothing happens
when I enter the sequence. This is quite frustrating.

Any other thoughts?


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