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Tim Draper

not seen ANYTHING on this: XP had the keyboard shortcuts for shutting
down XP - winkey, U, U for shutdown, winkey U,R for restart - they dont
seem to be working in vista due to the poxy search bar on the start menu.

closest i found so far is alt+f4 then selecting the power-off mode.
is there anything even easier via keyboard shortcuts that what i've found?


Richard Urban

Winkey - U has always opened the Utility Manager. What were you using that
allowed you to cause a shutdown?




Richard Urban
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Tim Draper

noo... it wasnt winkey+U..... it was winkey, release, U, release, U/R.
U = shortcut key for 'shutdown' on the start menu.



The only I could find was:

winkey, arrow key right 3 times then arrow key up and down to select (by
squinting)which one you want.

Not that nice at all but hoping someone out there knows something more
elegant to such an important function.

<that red power button you see everywhere is nice but it's never what i want
to do!>>

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