INFO: The Winkey



The Winkey
The Winkey works even if Explorer or the Shell doesn't have the focus.

Key Description
Winkey or Ctrl + Esc Opens the Start Menu.
Winkey + A Older Intellitype: Opens Accessibility.
Winkey + B Set focus to the first icon in the System Notification Area.
Winkey + C Office XP: Correct text in speech recognition.

Older Intellitype: Opens Control Panel.
Winkey + D Minimises and hides windows that can't be minimised or Unminimises/unhides all windows.
Winkey + E Starts Explorer.
Winkey + F Starts Find Files or Folders.
Winkey + Ctrl + F Starts Find Computer.
Winkey + G Cycles through Gadgets in the Vista's Sidebar.
Winkey + H Office XP: Handwriting recognition.
Winkey + I Older Intellitype: Opens Mouse Properties.
Winkey + K Older Intellitype: Opens Keyboard Properties.
Winkey + L Lock Workstation or Switch User (if Welcome Screen is on).

Older Intellitype: Logs off Windows.
Winkey + M Minimises all windows that can be minimised.
Winkey + Shift + M Unminimises all windows.
Winkey + P Older Intellitype: Opens Print Manager.
Winkey + R Starts the Run Dialog.
Winkey + S Older Intellitype: Toggles Caps Lock.
Winkey + T Office XP: Toggle speech dictation mode.

Vista: Cycles through Taskbar buttons, Press Enter or Space to activate a window. This is same as Winkey + Tab in older versions.
Winkey + U Accessibility Utility Manager (Called Ease Of Access in Vista)
Winkey + V Office XP: Toggle listening status of the microphone.

Older Intellitype: Opens Clipboard Viewer.
Winkey + X Vista: Opens Mobility Centre if Windows thinks you have a mobile PC. Mobility Centre is included in many Vista editions but won't run unless it thinks it is a mobile PC.
Winkey + F1 Starts Windows Help (F1 start help for the current application, if the focus is in Explorer or the desktop F1 also starts Windows Help).
Winkey + Tab Cycles through Taskbar buttons, Press Enter or Space to activate a window.

Vista: Cycles through open windows using Windows Flip3D. Release keys to activate window. Pressing Escape cancels switching windows.
Winkey + Ctrl + Tab Cycles through parts of the desktop and taskbar.

Vista: Starts Windows Flip3D. Use Arrow keys, Tab, or Shift + Tab to navigate and Enter or Space to activate. Pressing Escape cancels switching windows.
Winkey + Break Starts System Properties.
Winkey + Space Brings Vista's Sidebar to the top.

Older Intellitype: List Intellitype Hotkeys.
Winkey + Alt + Enter Starts or switches to Media Centre's Start screen.
Winkey + <a number> Computer specific function set by the computer manufacturer. Very few computers use this.

Vista: Activates Quicklaunch icons. Winkey + 1 is the first icon, Winkey + 2 the second, etc.
Winkey + Up or Down Arrow Keys Windows 98 Only: Changes magnification levels in Magnifier
Winkey + Page Up Windows 98 Only: Toggles Colour Inversion in Magnifier
Winkey + Page Down Windows 98 Only: Toggles Mouse Tracking in Magnifier
Winkey + Ctrl + <a number> [0-5] In Vista's Photo Gallery (but not Media Player or Explorer) rates an item as 0 to 5 stars. Winkey + 0 doesn't work on my computer.

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