Word Macro Keyboard Shortcuts



I have created a couple of macros and went in to assign keyboard shortcuts to
these macros. I assigned Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A. When I try to assign the macro
shortcut, it displays as Alt+Ctrl+Shift+A. Then when I try to use the
shortcut to run the macro neither of the above key combinations work. Is
there a limit to the number of keys in a shortcut?

Tony Jollans

There is no difference between Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A and Alt+Ctrl+Shift+A. You
must press all the keys together - while holding Alt+Ctrl+Shift, press A. If
that does not fire your macro, please say what it does do.

Tony Jollans

If you assign the shortcut, it should run the macro. There are two

(a) The shortcut is not assigned, or not assigned in context. If you try
to change shortcut keys for the macro, does this shortcut show in the list?

(b) The macro runs, but, for some reason, does not work, or not work as
expected. If you run the macro without using the shortcut, does it work?

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