Keyboard bleeps only




Having a problem with my keyboard on the other PC. The keyboard emits a
single, short beep when each key is pressed and no characters appear on the
screen in any program. Everything else works fine. It was all working fine
up until yesterday. Running XP home on a generic PC.

What I've done so far is to swap keyboards over, and the fault still remains
on the other pc with a different keyboard. I've also tried a USB keyboard.
That works fine on this PC, but has exactly the same beeping problem on the
other pc. I've uninstalled recently installed programs just in case and am
now wondering what to do next.

I get the feeling it's not hardware, as the same fault is with usb and ps2
keyboards, though I could be wrong.

I am contemplating reinstalling XP again, but I'll then have to re-input the
serial number which might prove difficult without a keyboard!!

Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to solve the problem before I
re-install windows? Also, what happens if I install windows and can't enter
the serial number???

Many thanks


Oh, and I've just found out that the keyboard works fine in the bios setup
if you hit the key fast enough, so I'm presuming windows is the problem?

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