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Roberto Ruiz

Hi all,
I've been confronting this problem for some time now: I
have Windows 2000 server on a domain with Win2k Pro and
Win98se workstations. I have several printers attached to
Intel Express Print servers, some of them are HP Dekjet
Printers and others are HP Laserjet printers of several
models. The problem is that the laser printers (not the
deskjets) keep their jobs on the spooler once they have
been printed, despite that I have unchecked the option to
keep printed jobs on the advanced tab of the printer
properties. Besides, every time the spooler is restarted,
the held print jobs are re-sent to the printers, creating
confusion and wasting paper. Due to this problem, I have
to take the precaution of manually cleaning the queues
every time I need to restart the Win2K server that
controls the print servers, but now the problem has got
worse, because for some unknown reason the spooler has
been restarting itself 2 or 3 times a day for the last
couple of days.
Any comment on the subject will be appretiated,

Alan Morris\(MSFT\)

Disable Bidirectional Support on the Ports tab of the printer properties.
Are all the HP laser printers using drivers from HP? HP was supposed to fix
this issue but I only think they are addressing it with there latest

Regarding the spooler restarts, this usually indicates that the spooler is
crashing. Have you added any new drivers on the server? Are there any user
dumps on the machine?

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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