I have IE6, i have downloaded java from sun many times trying to solve
my problem. when i go to control panel, java, advanced to select IE
as my default browser and apply, i get a message that i do not have
suffiecient permission to use it and it will not let me apply
there for i can not play in pogo.
i have been to IE trying to solve but not luck
where do I , or how do i get permission and beable to change
java in the control panel. I'm working in XP
gary, grogman

PA Bear [MS MVP]

What problems are you having with Pogo games?

Were you logged-on as the Administrator (not just with Admin privileges)
before you tried to select IE as the default in Java | Advanced?

1. Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Set Program
Access and Defaults | Click on the downward-pointing arrows to the right of
the configuration that's already checked | Browser: Select "Internet
Explorer" here (not "Use my current...").


2. Now check your settings here: IE Tools | Internet Options | Programs |
Default web browser: If the MAKE DEFAULT button's available, press/click on

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