Is there a way to need a password for the internet?



My friend's employees are accessing prone on her computer and she wants to
set it up so that you need a password to access the internet if that is
possible. She has a comp illiterate mom who just likes to play games, not
use the internet so she does not want to password protect everything bc she
would never remember. Please help.

Jimmy Brush

If her mom can get by without having an administrator account:

- Make your friend the only admin on the box, all other accounts standard
- Make sure your friend's account has a password
- From your friend's account, set up parental controls (control panel ->
user accounts and family safety -> parental controls)
- From here, you can edit what kinds of web sites each user can access, or
optionally you can select exactly which websites that user can go to, and
block all others.

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