Lost Password to logon to Windows Vista


Stevie R

My sister-in-law who lives in Australia finally decided to use a PC to keep
in touch over the internet. She bought a Laptop using Vista and set it up
with one user account around 2 months ago. She is not computer literate and
barely knows how to switch it on. It has taken her up till now to switch it
on for the second time as she just got broadband installed at her home. The
problem we now have is that she has forgotten the password she created and
cannot logon to the system. I am not familiar with Windows Vista and was
unable to advise her how to logon using the default Administrator account. It
seems Vista is much different from XP in this respect. Can anyone advise me
if I can access the default admin account on the logon screen or if there is
another way to reset the password without talking her through a system
restore. She didn't create password reset disks. I appreciate your help on


Kerry Brown

If this is just the second time she has turned it on then possibly a restore
to the factory setup would be in order. This will return the computer to the
way it came from the factory. Note that this will erase any information on
the computer. If she did create some data or files the first time she
started the computer it will be lost. Consult the owners manual for how to
do this.

There is no easy way to change the password. It involves creating a Linux
boot CD or floppy disk with a special program for changing the password. The
procedure can corrupt the file system and/or the registry. It is also a
complicated program to use.

Stevie R

Thanks Guys
I'll try enabling the real admin account first and if this doesn't work then
it looks like the system restore. I don't think there will be anything to
lose anyway.
Many thanks

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