Admin without Administration Rights (Vista)



I looked around through the other Admin Rights topics... and none of them
seemed to answer the specific question I have. Sorry if this gets asked alot.

My girlfriend is having a problem, and we cant figure it out.

She recently got a new computer that has Vista on it. When she set up the
computer, she created only one user account. She didn't put a password in,
however, because we didnt know it needed one.

She has since created herself a password.

But here is the problem... even though her account lists her as a
administrator... everytime she tries to install any program (shes tried a
half dozen different programs) it tells her she doesn't have administrative

What can we do to get her the administrative rights she needs?

Is there anyway to make it so the administrative rights arent needed. She
lives alone and really doesnt want the hassle of the password.


Geta Klew

She doesn't need a password on the admin account. She can take that back
out. It's not necessary at all.

She should be able to just elevate her privileges by clicking OK what the
UAC prompt appears (after she gets rid of the password). That's all I've
ever had to do. What programs is she trying to install?

I think there was one program where I had to go into Safe Mode and install
from the built-in Administrator account. But that was a long time ago and I
don't remember what app it was.


I had to also give user account access to read write etc. Before I was able
to do admin stuff...


I was having the same problems but I found the solution ...

Smply find the program you want to open in the Start menu or in Explorer,
then right-click on the icon and select "run as Administrator" from the
context menu.

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